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My Book - "Health Seekers"

My reasons for writing this book

I found a definite need for people to have access to health and nutritional guidance in a simple form.
I wanted to help more people who were unable to see me personally to start improving their health. This book guides people in the correct pattern of eating and sets out simply, the reasons for eating certain foods and avoiding others. I feel that once people have this information and guidance, it will encourage them to improve their eating patterns and lifestyle.

It is not what you do now and again that will bring on serious diseases; it is what you do daily and habitually that will make the difference. A healthy body can cope with occasional exceptions.

The target readership of my book is the ordinary person in the street and not the "converted". I want to enrol millions of people in the quest for better health who would otherwise be left out. Everyone can choose the level he or she would like to attain. I really believe that very few people in this country are ready to live on a totally raw food vegetarian diet.

In my book I offer major improvements, without insisting on being totally radical; something which can often put people off. I am aware that it is hard to quit old dietary habits and switch to a healthier diet overnight. I give you the foods to take responsibility for your health. I give a plan to work with and a direction to follow. If you have failed to recognise the absolute necessity of a correct diet and lifestyle, you may well be living with the consequences right now.

What will you do with this information?

You have a choice and that choice will determine to a large extent the length and quality of your life.

Remember, it takes education, a strong personality and tremendous effort on your part to overcome the social roadblocks to health. I really believe that you should not put off healthful living for another day. Another day may just be too late!

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