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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is basically about looking at one's DNA (the information in our cells that makes us who we are) and the interaction of how food, nutrients and environmental risk factors interact with our genes. If one can change one's lifestyle (influenced by diet, stress etc), avoid environmental risk factors, and take into account our biochemistry profile, this will give us an indication of whether the gene is "switched on or off".

It is a very empowering test and quite possibly where medicine will be in the future with regards personalized DNA diets. It is also very simple to perform and virtually painless so there is no stress involved in taking a sample.

We use your finger prick of blood and we analyze this for certain mutations in your DNA. These mutations (or DNA changes) point out your genetic disposition and risk factors for a variety of diseases,such as Alzheimer's, Type II diabetes, cardio vascular disease, obesity, cancer etc. Everybody's DNA is different and the way each person's body responds to nutrients will also be different. Genetic testing allows us more insight into how to eat correctly and make correct lifestyle choices from a very personal and individual level. The specific mutations in our DNA allow our bodies to respond differently from other individuals. "No one diet fits all"

The exciting thing about these mutations is that they are lifestyle and environmentally driven meaning that you can "switch off" the bad mutations just by doing simple things like taking an Omega 3 supplement or other suggested supplements, eating green leafy vegetables, and increasing levels of exercise etc. The test is therefore very beneficial and can be life changing to any individual provided the recommendations in the report given are adhered to. We have a combined number of qualified, professionals who work together as a team... This gives Genetic testing a more sound, ethical status in supporting the patient in following the programme offered from the results of the Genetic testing.

To book Genetic Testing contact:
PROF. CELENE BERNSTEIN on (011) 884 4212/ 082 3388 185 or fill in our contact details.

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