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Contents & Reviews

  Health Seekers - Table of Contents
  Dr André Sinden's Review of Health Seekers
  Review by Professor Reuben Musiker

Table Of Contents

PART 1 - The Philosophy of Natural Hygiene and the Elements of Health

  Natural Hygiene
  The Nature and Purpose of Disease
  Acid-Alkaline Balance
  Correct Lifestyle
  Proper Food Choices
  The Criteria of Ideal Foods

PART 2 - Information about the Foods and Drinks You Consume Daily

  Secondary Plant Foods
  Animal Products
  Recreational Drugs

PART 3 - How to Slowly Begin Changing Your Conventional Pattern of Eating

  The Changeover
  What to Expect When You Improve Your Diet
  The Detox - Cleansing Program
  How to Eat Correctly
  Your Daily Eating Plan - Maintenance Programme

PART 4 - How to Get Started With Your New Programme

  Mouth Watering Menus

PART 5 - Selected Issues

  Fasting - The Ultimate Physiological Rest
  What to Eat While Pregnant and Breast-Feeding - How to Feed Babies
  Nutrition, Behaviour and Emotions - Is there a connection?
  How to Lose Weight Easily
  Homocysteine - Your Most Vital Statistic
  Good Fats versus Bad Fats
  The Importance of Glyconutrients
  Probiotics - Nature's Miracle
  The Mind - Body Connection

PART 6 - General Information and Questions Regularly Asked during My Counselling Sessions

  Select Bibliography
  Recipe Index

Review of Health Seekers

Dr André Sinden BSc, MBChB (Pret)
Medical Director - Health Hydro - Pretoria

Just when I thought I had learned it all, heard it all and seen it all, Célène woke me up with this wonderfully refreshing manuscript.

While it is true that the basic principle of Natural Hygiene is quite straightforward, logical and almost instinctive, we are faced with the real world. The real world - what is it? It is a concoction of synthetic chemicals, synthetic clothes, synthetic food, a synthetic environment, and even synthetic thoughts.

From birth we are overwhelmed by preconceived ideas, and crafty marketing techniques, which exploit our weakest links. Where our technology could have freed us from the restrains of barbarism, it has ensnared us in a web of half truths, half qualities of life and half nutrition. We have become slaves of civilisation.

Of course, all of us who have discovered the mighty healing powers of Nature would like to share them with whomever we can. Unfortunately we are up against the billion dollar industries with a vested interest in manufacturing drugs and substances resembling food. We are made out to be old-fashioned, out of tune with reality and out of touch with the "scientific facts" that were "discovered" by scientists paid by industry.

Not that industry is unwilling to jump on the bandwagon of "natural" to make a little extra profit. The market is flooded with tablets, pills and potions claiming to be "natural" vitamins, minerals and extracts. Thus even our instinctive desire to return to our roots is being exploited and enslaved.

Célène has managed what many of us have longed to do. She has, in this book, opened a passage between this synthetic "real" world we have to live in, and the Paradise we strive to move into.

She has designed a few stepping stones for the slaves of modern society to start the journey from their dungeons into the sunshine. She appreciates that our eyes need time to adapt to the sharpness of the light and that the Paradise is simply too radical for most of us to be able to "jump in at the deep end".

Shedding the sharp edge of the "radical" image, this book will in my humble opinion go a long way to help people understand the "whys" without being frightened by the "hows".

It is my sincere hope that this book will herald the start of a new appreciation of the quality of life really on offer. May it bring co-operation among my medical colleagues, at large. May we enter the century with enthusiasm and vibrant energy.

An innovative, practical approach to maximize your inherent potential within the context of the real world - Dr. André Sinden.

Review by Professor Reuben Musiker

International Bibliographer
University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

"In a field characterised by a production of health related books, comes an exceptional work of great merit. Engaging, informative and a pleasure to read. Célène's book offers a sure to succeed source of help for those struggling with unwise food habits and dubious lifestyles. Here is a work ideally suited for South African conditions, but applicable universally."

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